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on project development and logical framework matrix

on partner search, building partnership and partnership agreement

on budget definition and financial planning

on project implementation

on project closure and final reporting

TESIM video tutorials, written guidance and training material included in this platform have been produced with financial support from the European Union and are available for view and download for free. We hope these resources will enhance your capacity to apply successfully to a programme. You may also find these resources useful in case you want e.g. to conduct a training on project development or organise a partner search event (if using some of our material, please acknowledge the source). If you would like to access the written material in another format than PDF, please contact us at info@tesim-cbc.eu

Cross-Border Cooperation is co-funded by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Instrument. Find out more about it on ec.europa.eu/enlargement/neighbourhood/cross-border-cooperation or on tesim-enicbc.eu